The backstory of how smuklok was started and what you'll receive when you subscribe to smuklok.

In the lab, my work deals with DNA and how it faithfully replicates in our cells.

My name is Sampath Amitash Gadi and I am the founder of smuklok.

I am a scientist. Every day, I scroll hundreds of pages on my phone/computer reading some of the most compelling research articles and news in various publications worldwide.

I enjoy reading science because

  • it is required for my work as a scientist
  • it allows me to explore our universe from the comfort of my couch

At smuklok, I review and summarise my daily readings into a single digestible piece, for subscribers like you. It will be a curated list of the most interesting stories of the day from all fields of science and healthcare.

Write for us

If you would like to write science content for this publication, I have some open spots. Please get in touch with me.